『RailsPacific 2016』に当社パートナーが登壇します

2016年5月20日(金)〜21日(土)に台湾で開催される『RailsPacific 2016』に、当社エンジニアが登壇いたします。

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『RailsPacific 2016』
場所:Chang Yung-fa Foundation
11 Zhongshan S. Rd. International Convention Center 10F, Room 1001 Taipei, Taiwan 100
詳細・お申し込み:RailsPacific 2016公式サイト

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「Large-Scaled Deploy Over 100 Servers in 3 Minutes」
 柴田 博志
 技術部 技術基盤チーム チーフエンジニア

Our company have handmaid shopping service named minne (https://minne.com). It’s made by Ruby and Rails. We use Ruby with manipulation of infrastructure widely. Minne has over the 200 servers on 2 data centers. we need to deploy latest application code in short minutes. So I made 'pull deploy strategy' using capistrano, consul, stretcher. I will introduce these topics:

* How to make 'immutable infrastructure' from 'mutable infrastructure'

* How to rapidly deploy Rails application to large-scaled service.

* How to use blue-green deployment with Rails

Finally, I can deploy same code to our servers in 3 minutes completely.