Corporate philosophy


Make it more playful

In 2008 we set these words as our corporate philosophy.

At that time, our company was gradually growing larger as users' creative activities continued to expand. We set this philosophy believing in our own potential, as people who "can continue to take on challenges to create more interesting things."

We can make innumerable things more interesting, regardless of job type or age. We can create interesting plans that enable users us to better enjoy their our jobs, and we can create interesting services.

We at Pepabo are happy to be praised with the word, "Good!" We are happier when people say "Interesting!"


Increase the output of humanity

When GMO Pepabo was founded, our work was to publish pictures and photographs over the Internet, and we never thought a future would come where it would be possible to buy a work of art created by somebody else's hands from a distant location. But in the space of just twenty years, these practices have become commonplace.

We believe that it is the output of all kinds of people around the world from major corporations to regional stores and individuals that will give rise to various evolutions and new value, creating a new future.

By continuing to create products that encourage the output of humanity, we at GMO Pepabo have incorporated the resolve to evolve and expand together with our users into our mission.

Going forward, we will not only raise total output ourselves, but work enthusiastically to develop environments conducive to output and develop mechanisms that encourage the output of others.