Corporate philosophy


Make it more playful

In 2008 we set these words as our corporate philosophy.

At that time, our company was gradually growing larger as users' creative activities continued to expand. We set this philosophy believing in our own potential, as people who "can continue to take on challenges to create more interesting things."

We can make innumerable things more interesting, regardless of job type or age. We can create interesting plans that enable users us to better enjoy their our jobs, and we can create interesting services.

We at Pepabo are happy to be praised with the word, "Good!" We are happier when people say "Interesting!"


Using the Internet to deliver new possibilities

Having continued to support the creative activities of individuals through internet services, we set this mission in 2013, which was the 11th year following the foundation of Pepabo, with a desire to "pursue the possibilities of the internet and people's creativity and provide opportunities that enable everyone to demonstrate their capabilities."

The potential of the people who want to start something on the internet contact the services we provide at Pepabo, resulting in success stories such as online shops that were opened as a hobby that have become people's businesses and the publishing of songs on personal websites leading to a major label recording contract.

We want to provide catalysts for the creation of new possibilities, like the above.

To expand the capabilities and potential of every individual, we operate our services in pursuit of the potential of the internet and people's creativity and continue to create new things, thereby creating an environment which enables diverse people to fulfill their potential and demonstrate their capabilities on the internet.