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Vulnerability Reporting

Please Provide Information on Vulnerabilities

GMO Pepabo, Inc. has established a "Vulnerability Reporting Desk" to receive vulnerability information from security research organizations and engineers in order to provide services that customers can use safely. All reported vulnerability information will be investigated and addressed by our internal security team.
Additionally, as long as the conditions listed below are followed, we do not intend to take legal action against security researchers for attempts to infiltrate or actual infiltration of our systems.

Evaluation of Vulnerabilities

We will evaluate and address the severity and feasibility of the vulnerabilities. The results of the evaluation will be disclosed on a case-by-case basis.

Currently, we do not have a vulnerability bounty program.

How to Report

If you suspect a vulnerability or discover a security-related issue that needs to be reported, please send an email to You can also use PGP to protect the confidentiality of your email. The public key is available here.

Prohibited Activities Even for the Purpose of Verifying Vulnerabilities

  • 1.DoS attacks or any verification equivalent to DoS attacks
  • 2.Attempts to access or alter information other than your own accounts or information

We look forward to your cooperation. If you have any questions about this system, please contact us via the inquiry form.